Pheasant Hunts    South Dakota Hunting Service offers traditional wild pheasant hunting and specializes in families or small groups (6-10). Our emphasis is on fewer total hunters, plenty of old fashion service and a true wild pheasant huntingexperience. We do not mix hunting parties, all groups have their own veteran guide with top quality flushing and retrieving dogs and their own area to hunt. You should expect to see hundreds of birds daily and have opportunity at limits on every hunt. We hunt smaller tracts of land.  That include CRP, shelter belts, sloughs, cattails, native grasses, weed patches, food plots, and any cover that will hold the birds and allow us quality in-range shooting at roosters. We are not a preserve. These are 100% wild birds and are much more challenging to hunt than pen raised birds.  Wild birds have a survival instinct to run out of gun range and escape from any danger. The high quality of pheasant hunting you have come to expect at South Dakota Hunting Service doesn’t just happen. We make it happen and will continue to as our land is managed for prime wild pheasant hunting.  South Dakota Hunting Service is very proud of their wild bird policies and will not seed its land with pen raised or released birds.

Pheasant hunts can be combined with ducks, geese, sandhill cranes, fishing, archery and rifle whitetails.