South Dakota Hunting Testimonials

Mike runs a first-rate operation. Plenty of good home-cooked meals and plenty of pheasant. But if you’re looking to hunt pen-raised birds go elsewhere. Mike only puts you on wild birds.
- George Malvaney, Clinton MS

“When I sought out a place to hunt the Merriams Wild Turkey I wanted to go to somewhere different and unique with a great opportunity for success and with someone who truly knew what they were doing and where the birds were. I didn’t want to be guided on public land. After finding Mike Moody of South Dakota Hunting service on the internet I made the call. Mike was very good to talk to and didn’t over sell or over commit. Everyone else did. I finally made the decision to book and did so. That was in 2006. I have been every year since and have had 100% success each time. It doesn’t matter if you hunt his Nebraska property or his SD property, the birds are plentiful!! Mike is a true professional and he really knows what he is doing. He makes a tremendous effort to show you good hospitality and he works so hard to ensure you are successful. He has his homework done well in advance. He has such a passion for what he does that it is impressive, and if you think that’s impressive wait until you see the number of birds he has. I can honestly say, that I tell everyone that asks about hunting there with him, that I literally cannot put into words how good the hunting is and these words are still not enough. You truly have to go and see for yourself. Mike provides an EXPERIENCE coupled with opportunity and that’s what’s most important. You will have a great time and you will make a great friend. My 8 yr old son is going this year with me!! See you in the field….by the way…put in for your South Dakota preference points every year…I promise you will need them and I promise you will want to come back. I’d bet that if you don’t harvest it’s because you missed.”
-Mike Summerlin, Fitler MS

This is a note on my experience hunting with Mike Moody of South Dakota Hunting Guide Service:

I have been up hunting with Mike for the past 4 yrs and must say the turkey hunting is SECOND to NONE!! The work has been done he has scouted and has everything ready for you. Accommodations are great both with housing and transportation. I would strongly recommend Mike for his Turkey Hunting feel free to give me a call on my personal phone 620-778-2299  or email me at mcarter@lcmc.com
-Mike Carter

Two of my friends and myself are in pursuit of our slam.   The Merriam’s is number three on our list.  Mike was recommended to us by one of our guides in Texas.  Man – did he hit the mark!  The 2010 hunt with Mike was phenomenal!  We took six Merriam’s in 1 ½ days.  There were so many turkeys that we could not even take a nap in the woods.  We were able to video all of our hunts and they turned out great!  We have been to several outfitters in several states and Mike’s operation is right at the top of the list.  He knows his birds and takes it very serious – as do we.  My two friends and I have over 80 years combined experience hunting turkeys and it was clear Mike was that caliber of hunter.  He took all precautions not to spook the birds and made sure that we were in excellent setups.  There was no “truck hunting”.  It was hoofing and hunting – just like we like it.  His personality fit in well with ours and we busted on each other the whole time – lots of fun!!   He even referred us to an awesome taxidermist in South Dakota – we are expecting our mounts very soon.  After the experience with Mike, I bought my 81 year old Dad a hunt with Mike for Father’s Day.  He will be joining us in 2011.  We all can’t wait!  I have told a lot of people about Mike’s operation and would really like to do a pheasant hunt with him sometime soon as well – but turkeys are my favorite!  I can assure you my friends and I are extremely picky and have high standards – we would not be going back if Mike had not met our expectations.   So to summarize – you can’t go wrong with Mike – he knows his stuff and takes great care of his clients!  I am a repeat this year and hope to hunt with him many times in the future!
-Mike Morrell – Forest, Virginia